Hello world!

Hello, this my first post. I want to write a few strings about “Hello world” programs.

Right now I’m passioned about R programming language. Code for Hello world program in R looks pretty trivial, for example:

In Java language programs are a little more difficult, but still boring:

Let’s go to esoteric programming languages (esolang). An esolang is a programming language designed for fun or just to test the boundaries of computer programming languages.
Classic esolang is Brainfuck, Hello World program looks pretty interesting:

The next very interesting language is Piet. This image is acually a Hello World program:

In Piet programs there are bitmaps that look like abstract art. Piet’s compiler acually moves around the image and reads colors to understand program.
Lastly, I want to mention one of my best programming languages, ArnoldC. This language replace bacis keywords with quotes from different Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Hello world program will look like:

You can find other cool examples on wiki page. There are 109! Hello World programs for different languages.
Also you can find another funny esoteric programming languages here.